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As a reputable root canal specialist in London, we prioritize a safe and welcoming patient experience within a well-maintained and orderly setting.

At Wimpole Street Endodontics, we provide advanced endodontic treatments in a modern, elevated setup with technologically advanced equipment for an enhanced quality of care at competitive rates.

Are you in need of a root canal specialist in London?

Our team of specialist endodontists are dedicated to preserving the health of your teeth through state-of-the-art dental treatment. We understand the importance of saving the tooth and relieving your tooth pain with pain-free root canal treatments.

Our initial consultation process is designed to assess the condition of your tooth thoroughly. If you're experiencing complex root canal issues, our specialist endodontists are here to help. Whether your tooth pain is triggered by hot or cold sensations or you have an infected tooth, we have a high success rate in providing effective root canal therapy.

Explore our price list for a transparent view of our competitive rates, and remember that fees will be confirmed for each case individually before commencing the treatment. We also offer interest-free finance options to make quality dental care and root canal treatment in London accessible to all.

Our Price List

Endodontic Consultation (One tooth/area)
Endodontic Consultation (Multiple Teeth)
Investigation (to establish if the tooth can be saved)
CBCT Scan (Referred to Cavendish Imaging)
CBCT Radiologist Report (where required)
Root Canal Treatment of Incisor/Canine
From £949
Root Canal Treatment of Premolar
From £979
Root Canal Treatment of Molar
From £1099
Root Canal Re-Treatment of Incisor/Canine/Premolar
From £999
Root Canal Re-Treatment of Molar
From £1,099
Composite Core/Glass Fiber Post (where required)
£199 - £399
Post/Broken File Removal
£249 - £349
Internal Whitening including Palatal Composite Filling
£349 - £399
Temporary Crown
*Fees will be confirmed for each case individually before commencing the treatment
Interest free finance options available

Advanced Technology

The surgery is equipped with the latest Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope to help us deliver advanced quality of care.

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Root Canal Treatment Explained

Endodontic (root canal) treatment is needed if the soft tissue at the centre of your tooth (known as the ‘pulp’) has become infected or damaged.

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About the Practice

Our founder, Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene strives to treat her patients with compassionate care and expert skill to create an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable.

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If you're seeking a root canal specialist in London, trust Wimpole Street Endodontics to deliver pain-free, expert care and help you save the treated tooth. Contact us today for your initial consultation and experience the difference in our compassionate and skilled approach to dental care.

How can we help you?

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